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    Are you dreaming of becoming a popular content maker? Content Warning gives you a nice opportunity to make your dreams come true! People just love watching terrifying videos with unprecedented accidents and eerie monsters on SpöökTube, so try to film some together with your friends!

    Who developed Content Warning?

    The publisher of this creepy game is Landfall Publishing, the studio, which is renowned for another famous project, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is available at Steam. Content Warning is a brainchild of several talented developers such as Skog, Zorro, Wilnyl, Philip and thePetHen.

    As it was created by a team, it is supposed to be played in a company, too. Gather a whole production crew and venture for both the most terrifying and the most entertaining experience you can discover. You have only a few days to reach the top of the rating, so hurry up and do something creepy!

    Gameplay Content Warning

    Once you have distributed the roles, it is time to come up with a terrifying plot for your next video. Get inside the Diving Bell, a big capsule that is going to transfer you into a so-called Old World, a sinister place, where all sorts of uncanny things happen.

    That is where your adventures in Content Warning begin. Keep the equipment ready if you are a cameraman or prepare the tools for fending off vicious mutants. There is a horribly huge range of entities, which can easily end your existence, so balance between the desire to become an Internet star and the survival instincts.

    Having only three days to reach a certain number of views, you will have to use the maximum of your imagination and generate a real spooky masterpiece to attract a wide audience. If you stay alive at the end of the round, the game will even give you a chance to watch the final video.

    Watch the views sky-rocketing up and enjoy the beams of fame. But how are you going to get the money for the upgrades? From the advertisements, of course! The more people stumble upon your creations, the more cash you are going to receive.

    Play the full version of Content Warning on pc and see if you were born to be famous on the horror field. However, don’t get carried away with the adrenaline rush, as your career may suddenly be cut short without even beginning properly.

    How can you diversify the survival in Content Warning?

    The game doesn’t need you to roam around completely unarmed, as it drastically increases your chances to be killed by the abundance of monsters lurking in the darkness of the Old World. Instead, you may buy some useful equipment in the shop, located on the vivid and green starting location.

    1. Flashlight. This is an absolutely irreplaceable tool that will always come in handy. Lighten your way and see clearly where you are going and what perils are hiding in the shadows.
    2. Hugger. If you are a fan of hugs, this thing is exactly what you need! Not only are you able to hug your friend tightly, but you will also increase your health bar, too.
    3. Defibrillator. If somebody is already dead, it is not a problem in case you have a defibrillator. Help your buddy return into the world of the living and continue the exploration in full force.
    4. Goo Ball. Don’t think that you are absolutely helpless in this game, as with these peculiar grenades you can detain an enemy for some time, trapping it into a puddle of sticky glue.
    5. Microphone. To maintain connection between all group members, you should definitely invest into the microphones. Communicate even over long distances and warn each other about the entities.
    6. Sound Player. Add some fun to the terrifying atmosphere and purchase a stereo system!
    7. Shock Stick. This is a more powerful weapon, as it can electrify an adversary pretty badly. Although be careful, as some mutants are resistant to electricity!

    As a funny element, the game presents a set of emotions on sale. These don’t influence the results of your pursuits, but these actions are definitely hilarious to watch.

    How dangerous are the entities in Content Warning?

    Some creatures, such as Snailman or Slime are not really dangerous and damage from them can be easily neutralised by any medical tool. They are also quite slow and you may simply avoid them by fleeing away.

    However, things are different when dealing with a Big Slap or a Maiden. These are the most perilous entities in the game and a direct confrontation is not an option. But if you developed a winning strategy as a on how to outsmart them, you may try installing mods that feature custom mutants with new characteristics.  


    The dimension where you are about to travel is inhabited with multiple strange and extremely appalling creatures, but you can never tell which one will show itself this time. Also you can find more games at Content Warning is an ultimate combination of absurd attractions and hideous accidents and it is a must to try!


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