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You are a new SpöökTube star in the making and it is time to show that you are capable of producing brilliant content! The Old World with its disturbing enigmas and bloodthirsty entities is waiting for you to descend into its depths. Gather a team of adventure-seekers and create an absolute horror movie!

How to play Content Warning

This game is for those who are fond of terrifying experiences, but at the same time, who want to enjoy all the bloodcurdling pursuits in a company. Cooperate with another three bloggers and see how long you can deal with the spooky terrains, where each step may become the last one.

Before diving into the pit of nightmares though, Content Warning offers you to buy some equipment. It is possible to go down without even a torch, but wandering there in the dark is not the best idea, as the monsters will likely catch you off guard.

Thus, explore Content Warning thoroughly and don’t forget to film every creepy interaction to turn it into a video later. If at least one member of the crew survives the risky journey, your tape can be revealed and you will get a certain amount of cash.

Beware the darkness

The realm you have chosen as a content source is full of the entities from which the hair stands on end. Their disgusting corrupted appearance, combined with horrible sounds make them an exceptional peril. However, these macabre entities are also the thing that makes your followers stick to your channel, so you can’t avoid the encounters completely.

The more you confront mutants, the more views you get in the end. But don’t forget about self-defence, too. Some of the monsters can be stopped with a slimy grenade, but other species require some help from free buddies! In Content Warning you either work in a team or die in the hands of ferocious entities.

Besides, the camera in Content Warning is not infinite either. Once you recorded enough material for one round, it is time to return to the upper dimension and reveal the results. Lay back and enjoy your own sufferings and scares in the company of the ones who stayed alive!

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