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Investigate a dangerous universe that is located right under your colourful and bright world and benefit from it!

In Content Warning you take the role of an adventurer, who wants to become famous in the local platform, where hundreds of horror videos are placed. Try to stand out from the rest of the creators and film the most horrifying video ever!

Gameplay Content Warning

Each journey starts with a team gathering, as you can’t go down to face vicious monsters alone! The game allows you to either invite your companions and create an adventure just for you or join a random server and get to know the adrenaline lovers from all over the world.

In any case, to succeed in your striving, you will need a bunch of useful stuff, such as a flashlight and a weapon to ward off an enemy if something goes wrong. The essential device for any round is a camera, of course. Note that its memory is limited, so film only the most spectacular and appalling sights.

Content Warning is notable for the fact that in this game you are not hiding from the aggressive entities, but vice versa, you are looking for them! So, when somebody from the team stumbles upon an uncanny ghost, prepare the camera and record some pretty nice pieces.

Hype up the audience!

Content Warning includes not only enthralling gameplay with lots of features, but also the inexpressible atmosphere that merges fright and amusement into an absolutely unique game. Each journey to the core of evil is extraordinary and it includes different mutants that will bring you multiple views.

The more violent the entity is, the more engrossing your tape is for the audience, so risk it all and generate a masterpiece of fear. Even if somebody dies in the process, it is not a big deal. The most important task is to save the camera, where all your pursuits are recorded. It is also possible to pick up the broken device, but the extracted movie will be the last one it captures.

After a long round of searching for dangerous interactions, the game suggests you take a break from content formation and evaluate the efforts your company puts into the materials. Watch your popularity go up and try to stay on top of the fame monument.

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