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Take a step into a wonderful toy-themed realm, dedicated to the incomparable MUZY! This amusing green ragdoll used to entertain lots of small children, but now it is not as popular as it was. And now you are forced to remember this abandoned mannequin again, as some strange accidents have happened at the facility where it is manufactured recently.

Maybedi Industrial Complex will gladly open its doors for you, but you can’t be sure that it is ready to open them again and release you! So, trapped alone with a bunch of homicidal toys, equipped with malevolent AI, you will need to find another way out, conducting your investigation simultaneously.

Make lots of new friends!

MUZY: Chapter 1 is going to get you acquainted with the major mascots of the company, the green mutant included. These are not usual dolls, as unlike thoughtless mechanisms, they have logic and cunning. It will be extremely difficult to outmanoeuvre each of them!

Having just a small toy gun for a weapon, you can distract them for some time, but make sure that there is an escape route! Besides, the game bombs you with stimulating riddles and to leave the bedevilled factory alive you need to choose the right key to fit each of them.

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