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Get famous whatever it takes! In Content Warning you have only three days to prove that your films are the spookiest, so don’t hesitate and explore the most distant spots of the underground realm. But don’t worry, as you won’t go there alone! Rely on your team and join forces to produce something extraordinary.

How to play Content Warning

It is easy to dive into the Old World of Content Warning, just get inside the improvised elevator and wait for it to bring you all to the sinister terrains. However, getting out will not be so simple, thus, get ready to fight your way to the bright and vivid base, where you may rest before the next game.

As usual, one person should take the role of an operator and the rest of the company will lure the monsters from their hideouts. Your aim in the game is to get the most terrifying perspectives and the most eerie soundtracks, so unleash your creativity and do not fall victim to the monsters.

In Content Warning, unlike in most horrors, the cameraman can totally die, so in case you see filming getting out of control, be quick to put your foot down and never look back!

Watch an exciting movie of your own production

There is nothing better than to enjoy the fruits of your labour after a long excruciating shift, so extract the sensational report from your faithful device, lay back on the comfortable couch and experience all the terrors of another dimension once again.

Reviewing your own composition is a full-fledged gameplay element of Content Warning, as you are not only appreciating the work, but also figuring out how well the team managed to deal with the task. The views are gained in proportion to the quality of the video, so the more you suffer, the more profit you get!

Learn from your mistakes

Content Warning is a game, which requires you to constantly improve the tactic and develop more sophisticated plans. The audience doesn’t tolerate uniformity for too long, so sooner or later you will need to change the strategy and venture for crueller entities, darker facilities and crazier plots.

However, in the unblocked version of the game you are able to gain access to all the upgrades and go back to the mutants fully equipped and ready for any surprises. The flashlights will help you to determine the location and spot the perils in time and the microphones will keep the party in touch. Examine everything Content Warning displays and select what is best for you!

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