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Among Us 2

Among Us 2

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There is a traitor on board! Detect who it is as fast as you can or all the crew will become a victim of a mischievous alien! Watch each teammate carefully and don’t forget to accomplish your daily tasks. The dangerous mutant is hiding somewhere very close and the quicker you notice it the more people will stay alive.

Among Us 2 presents several modes, where you have different roles and aims. Stick to the classical regime and look for the suspicious astronaut or play hide and seek and feel the real challenge. Here you won’t be able to call for help or to tell anybody about a corpse. Only your own luck can save you and bring you to the final.

Follow the rules to bring your team to victory and free the spacecraft from a treacherous impostor. Remember that the more you hesitate the more powerful your foe gets, so don’t waste time and perform the duty!

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