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Content Warning is a horror game, where you can experience the most hilarious and horrendous things at the same time! Travel to the mysterious universe together with your fellow adventurers and get ready to record all your struggles from the very beginning.

Gameplay Content Warning

Your main goal in the game is to produce a popular video, where the most appalling creatures of the depths appear. Doesn’t sound like an easy task, that is why you should act thoroughly and save space in the camera memory only for the best moments. Sensational material may find you in the most unexpected conditions.

If you were not honoured to carry the camera, your objective is to trigger various monsters and actively participate in the movie yourself. Before every time you get inside a Diving Bell and disembark into the realm of darkness, each member has a chance to purchase equipment. Whether you pick up a medical device or a weapon, you can be sure it will come in handy.

Although, it is not enough to just film threatening entities, you need to save the tape and bring it back home! In Content Warning even one survivor is enough for a round to be considered successful, so grab valuable materials and run out of the Old World while you still can!

What atrocities are you filming today?

The underground universe is a habitat for many ugly monsters, from the less frightening to giant menaces. It is a pure lottery who decided to stalk you this time, so your report may suddenly turn into an action-filled pursuit. The game includes more than twenty different mutants and divides them into categories according to their level of danger.

Determine what you need most at the moment and either go meet the most violent ghosts face to face or stay away and stick to safer options. Only the most shocking videos will bring you maximum views, popularity and money, so sometimes it is better to take a chance and capture a rare mutant, even if somebody dies in the process.

Moreover, some enemies in Content Warning possess secret abilities about which you will learn from practice. There is no skill you can’t outmanoeuvre though, the main condition is to cooperate and help your buddies out when they are in trouble.

Do your best to meet the quota

Whatever you film in the dim areas of the game, inhabited by cruel monsters, you are supposed to accomplish a plan that involves a number of views which corresponds to your level in the ratings. The more popular your team gets the more views are required. How long will you maintain a place amongst the most successful bloggers?

Good news is that broken cameras are not considered lost when your round turns out to be an unlucky one and everybody is deceased. Bring the left device back to the base and obtain the last record to get another profitable movie.

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