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How good are your computer skills? If you feel like you need some help with a new software, why don’t you ask Kinito? This cute assistant will gladly take care of you and support any new beginning. Immerse into an intriguing platformer or get acquainted with the virtual realm of your device.

KinitoPET shows what it is like to have a faithful, but a bit over possessive friend. Tell him what you like and mighty axolotl will create the atmosphere specifically for your needs. Even if you decide to conceal something, you may be sure he will discover the truth. Will you avoid the omnipotent entity, imprisoned inside a strange programme?

To outsmart the ferocious monster, you need to always be one step ahead. Face all the unimaginable horrors that your false buddy creates and get out of the digital nightmare, which envelops you tighter and tighter.

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