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Poppy Playtime 3

Poppy Playtime 3

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The journey to the toy factory becomes more and more terrifying. What is going to happen to you on the lower floors of the facility? Undoubtedly, numerous dangerous mutants! Rely on your multifunctional backpack and the unexpected help of your friends, who used to be your adversaries, and get away from this all-consuming horror.

Poppy Playtime 3 also presents another assortment of complex riddles and to solve them you should master new devices. Attach a new hand to jump as high as you can and shoot from a gun to lighten the way and fend off the monsters simultaneously.

Proceed to the core of the factory and learn the story of DogDay and his friends. What happened to the place where children used to laugh, play and have fun? Something definitely went wrong and you will find out what served as the reason for the mass madness and bloodshed.

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